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Northern Representative

Macy Arnote


Macy gained interest in the field after her own experiences with SUD, pursuing a career once her recovery journey began on May 4, 2009. In 2011, Macy began her career in SUD at SEMO Behavioral Health as a clerical staff. She graduated from St. Louis University in December 2016, with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice. Macy became employed with Missouri’s Family Support Division but returned to SEMOBH as a Care Coordinator and obtained MAADC I credential. Later, Macy became employed by Preferred Family Healthcare as a Family Advocate in the RPG program in three Missouri Counties as a MAADC II. Macy is now employed by Compass Health in Rolla, MO, as an Integrated Health Specialist. She became part of the Integrated Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders (ITCD) team in August 2021. Macy, in pursuit of CRADC, hopes to test in Spring 2022. She is the Northern Representative for MACA. Macy continues to take an active role in communities advocating for change, harm reduction, and the treatment of Co-Occurring Disorders.

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