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Missouri Credentialing Board

Tall Cop Says Stop! - Jermaine Galloway

Tall Cop Says Stop™ is a website dedicated to education and resources for the detection and prevention of substance abuse to help keep young people, families and communities safe. Officer Galloway has nearly 20 years of experience in law enforcement and much of that time has been spent focused on combating underage drinking and drug abuse. He is a highly respected and internationally recognized instructor on trends in drug/alcohol culture and enforcement methods.


Officer Galloway’s motto is, You can’t stop what you don’t know™. He has worked with parents, educators, city leaders and many others to understand and reduce the harm caused by drinking and drugs in their communities.

October 18, 2022

8am - 4pm

Kansas City, MO

6 Contact Hours

$80.00 (Lunch Provided)

Register HERE

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